How to Display FPS Overlay while gaming with MSI Afterburner

How to Display FPS Overlay while gaming with MSI Afterburner

FPS statistics is one of the essential things when it comes to observing your PC performance while gaming. It helps you to keep track of the frames-per-second of your computer display.

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So, before we head further, let’s discuss some basics related to the topic. You can also ignore and jump straight to the tutorial if you’re not interested.

What is FPS and why do you need to overlay it for gaming?

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a gamer or not. You must have heard the term “FPS” by geeks and techies around you.

So, If we define FPS, then “Frames per second, or fps, is the rate at which sequential frames are shown in a video display. The higher the fps, the smoother and better the picture will appear”.

And the term is quite common in video capturing and gaming. Because it plays a vital role in whatever you see and experience on the screen. So, frame rates are quite an important factor that can affect your watching and gaming experience. So, now the question comes that why do you need to overlay or display it while gaming?

The answer is to observe the frequency of the frames in real-time. For a smooth, realistic moving picture for gaming, 60 frames per second are considered as decent. The more frames per second, the faster and smoother your display quality and viewing experience will be. Some games like Counter-Strike, Apex legends, and a lot of others require higher FPS. So, just in case if due to some misconfiguration or some issue the FPS is not good, then you can track it in real-time and then configure it. Furthermore, this will also help you to know an ideal FPS rate for your PC on a specific game.

Why Overlay FPS using MSI Afterburner?

There’s a couple of ways using which one can overlay or display FPS on the screen. But overlaying FPS stats using MSI Afterburner is quite effective and easy to do.

Furthermore, you get to interact with the whole bunch of other options and features that Afterburner offers. For e.g. Overclocking, and PC monitoring.

So, let’s move over to the tutorial and learn how to How to Display FPS Overlay while gaming with the help of MSI Afterburner. So, let’s get started.

Instructions to Enable FPS Overlay in MSI Afterburner

In order to enable FPS Counter in Afterburner, RivaTuner Statistics Server must be installed on your computer. However, when you install Afterburner, RivaTuner also get installed with it. But just in case, if it isn’t there, then you can download and install it manually.

1. Open “MSI Afterburner”.

2. Go to “Settings”.

3. Select “Monitoring” tab from the top.

4. Then, tick the checkbox next to “framerate” under the “Active hardware monitoring graphs”.

5. Now, finally

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